How is systemd doing on github?

Systemd moved it's canonical git repository to github last year. It seems that the traffic on the bug tracker is quite heavy, but impressions can be misleading. I wanted to know how many issues have been filed, and what percentage of has been actually resolved. Thanks to the github API (and pandas+matplotlib) it easy enough to generate a plot.

Total number of issues, total number of closed issues, and the number of remaining open issues in the systemd issue tracker on github

Blue and green lines are the total number of issues and the number of closed issues, number of the left y-axis. Red line is the difference, number on the right axis. The number of issues is growing linearly. Overall, we aren't doing too bad, 85% of issues have been closed.

The pattern for pull requests looks even better. 97+% of pull requests have been closed. Again, total and closed left y-axis, open right y-axis.

Total number of pull requests, total number of closed pull requests, and the number of remaining pull requests in the systemd issue tracker on github

Raw numbers are a bit misleading though, because most requests are duplicates: github cannot handle updates to existing commits in a pull request without losing comments made on the old commits, so if changes to commits are necessary, we ask contributors to close the pull request and open a new one. Sometimes this happens four or more times, which of course inflates the counts.

A significant drop in the last few days is visible: this is an effort by Daniel Mack and Lennart Poettering to trim the number of outstanding issues and pull requests.

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